Monday, February 14, 2011

Spice Up Valentine's Day

It's February 14, a day to celebrate love and devotion. What better way to do that than by giving your loved one something they never expected but that you'll both enjoy? Let's explore some BDSM-themed ideas.

How about a lovely rose crop? Roses don't have to be in a vase to bring pleasure. This one can even be left out as a decoration as well as a reminder of what really goes on in your bedroom.

Maybe you need something a bit lighter because you aren’t a heavy player? Or perhaps you understand the value of the long, slow warmup where you drive your lover wild? What about a Pleasure Feather to tickle and tease?

Want something a little more personalized? How about a lovely pair of personalized nipple clamps? Remember to play safely. Don’t leave them on too long. Perhaps nipple lariats are more your style? Try these on for size. Remember that you can wear these under your outfit Valentine’s Day to give your Dominant a special thrill when you are ordered to take your clothes off.

Already have a collared sub? What about something specialized - one he (or she) can wear out in public that won't shout anything about your relationship, but will clue in perceptive people to the fact that your sweetie is "taken" in more ways than one! Here's a gorgeous anklet with a matching bracelet.

Maybe something just a bit less permanent is more your style? What about some chocolate body paint? Nothing says, "I love you," better than painting swirls all over your bound sub and then slowly licking it off - or - painting chocolate trails on yourself and letting that same sub pleasure you! If you're not into chocolate, there are fruit flavored body paints to tempt your palate. Here is one place to find these yummy treats.

Want to make the day even more special? Order dinner from your favorite restaurant, set the scene with some scented candles and soft music, seduce your sweetie with the sights, sounds and flavors they expect on this day - and then lead them to the bedroom that you've thoughtfully converted into a playroom just for the occasion, and show them more pleasure than they ever expected! The majority of these accessories can be deflated and tucked away when not in use, so your neighbors and relatives don't need to know anything about your 'extra-curricular' activities--unless one of you is a bit loud?

You can use ordinary items in very unexpected ways to pleasure your lover. A sleep mask makes an excellent blindfold. A bath sponge from the Dollar Store(tm) can give some very different textural experiences when lightly rubbed across the body. Clothespins wrapped in cloth can serve as inexpensive nipple clamps (make sure they're not TOO tight - the cloth can help with that). Silverware that has been sitting in a bowl of ice provides more sensory excitement when rubbed across your lover's body. You don't have to go overboard to stimulate and excite your partner - just use everyday items and your imagination. Valentine's Day may quickly become your favorite holiday to spend together.

Make this Valentine's day one to remember - buy an erotic novel and read it aloud to your sweetie - act out one or more of the sex scenes in the book. Need some recommendations? Do you really have to look further than the 1-800-DOM-help series? Check out all the titles here - you're sure to find something that appeals. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I particularly love the ankle collar. Happy Valentines to all. I highly recommend having your significant other prepare you a quiet delicious dinner at home, serve it to you, sit by your chair on his knees on a pillow while you eat and feed him the share he deserves.

  2. I like it! Thanks for stopping by, Michelle. :)

  3. The rose crop is precious. Fun ideas. :)