Friday, October 8, 2010

Questions for Readers

I'm assuming if you are here, you enjoy reading BDSM stories as much as we enjoy writing them. I'm sure the more experience you have in this, er, scene, the more the little stuff you read gets your goat.

I recently read comments by a prominent editor about a hugely popular BDSM series. The editor enjoyed the stories, but reading them back-to-back showed how formulaic they were. Novice submissive who doesn't realize she's submissive, experienced Dom who doesn't believe in love. But what about the rest of the culture?

As a writer who's a novice to writing about the D/s life, I'm on pins and needles wondering what readers really want in their kinkier stories. So tell me, what makes it good for you?

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  1. I actually like the novice sub trope. I think so many people write it because it's hot. I love reading about a male Dom and female sub, but I've gotten into the Female Domme with a male sub too - especially because of Joey Hill. I read Bound Odyssey by our own Michelle Polaris and loved it. There are so many possibilities within the genres, it's fun to play with all the options.