Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's The Shoes!

Whenever I look for interesting photos of BDSM elements, I see a pattern emerge. Red shoes, black shoes. Black shoes with red flames. Black boots, red boots. No offense to the dear man, but it begins to sound like a Dr. Suess book! One shoe, two shoes, red shoes, black shoes.

What do these shoes and boots have to do with the scene? I'd have to say it's the way they make us feel. Even if all you are doing tonight is dressing up as a naughty maid, think about it. How naughty would you feel in a pair of sneakers, versus stilettos? Flip flops versus thigh-hugging boots?

As a Domme, you want the appearance of sexy power. Assuming you can stand in them without wobbling, killer heels gives you that feeling, and if you feel sexy, you can throw off sexy vibes.

We have so many classes of shoe in our daily lives: comfy, sensible, work, exercise, heel, flat. And in my case, lime green. (Yes, I have more than a dozen pairs of lime shoes. I took to heart the selling point "it's the new black"!) When you plan your outfit, for the boardroom or the bedroom, don't forget to choose the perfect shoe. It can make or break your day.


  1. Yes, it is all about the shoes. Or, in my case, the boots. I am not sure I could live without my boots.

  2. I love boots, however it isn't needed for me to feel dominant. I can do that in sandals. Lol But boots look damn good and the height is a plus when your the dominant.

  3. Shoes are great. Tina Sloan, Lillian on Guiding Light, wrote a book called Changing Shoes: Getting Older--Not Old-with Sylte, Humor, and Grace. It was about growing older but she uses shoes and the influence they have on our lives as she goes through her life. As a young woman she starts with stilletos then through her life goes to flats, comfortable shoes, running shoes, slippers and how they correspond to her emotional life and whether life is on an upswing or a downswing. An excellent read, like sitting down with an old friend and chatting.