Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spanking implements: The Basics

by Marianne LaCroix

I went to my first local BDSM community meeting this week to watch a whip demo by a whip maker and master. I never realized there were so many people in the area who were into the lifestyle. I mingled and met all kinds of new people who were serious about their kinky passions. It was awesome.

In thinking about my blog post today, I searched for a picture to put up of a whip. Did you know floggers and crops all come up in that search? Why? They are definitely different implements. Ah, but they are all used for a similar purpose--spanking. Yep, they are all types of spanking implements.

Why in the world would anyone want to be spanked as an adult? Well, it is a form of erotic foreplay in the leather world. There's erotic roleplay (like the schoolgirl fantasy I wrote about in Rosy Cheeks), domestic discipline (punishment from a HOH--head of household), and everything in between like spanking fetishists. The spanking is between consenting adults where a dominant spanks his or her submissive partner. Usually for the "spankee", the spanking is cathartic and/or the pain jump starts their arousal. (Pain is very close to pleasure.) After all, a red bottom gets the blood flowing to that portion of the body, thus enhancing sexual sensitivity. Keep in mind there are those people who crave the spanking without the sexual contact. They crave the endorphin rush, plain and simple.

So there are all kinds of ways to spank a nice bottom offered up to the dominant. (And spankees like a good spanking...they crave it.) What would a dominant use? A bare hand is always handy. (Pun intended. What, did you moan?) A hair brush is good if it is a nice wood one. A wood paddle (with or without holes like the one to the right). And then there are floggers, whips, riding crops, and canes.

All implements, including the hand, need some practice before using on a partner, no matter how willing they may be. Without practice, someone can get hurt.

And as for the whip demo... I got a single tail black leather whip (below).

You can bet my 1-800-DOM-help book will have a whip wielding FemDomme....


  1. Saw a local whip master doing some amazing things with a single tail a few weeks ago. His control was really admirable...but those things still scare the bejeebers outta me! Give me a nice flogger, smooth paddle or cane any day.

  2. I love looking at the whip I own, but I've never been trained. I'm with you, Del, on the flogger, paddle, cane preferences. A crop's nice as well.