Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fighting for Control

So, did I happen to mention that Fighting for Control is out now? I know, I know, bad author! I'd suggest flogging me but I might enjoy it too much and not get back to writing!

Speaking of enjoying, this book has gotten some nice reviews! Angela at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews gave it 4 hearts!

Amy at the Romance Studio also gave it 4 hearts.

I am so tickled they liked it, and I got such a kick reading the book through their comments. There's a gift you can give all your favorite authors for the holidays - leave a review on Goodreads or the site where you bought the book. That's the best part of writing (next to royalty checks, of course!), hearing from the readers who enjoy your books.

Happy Holidays to you all! May Santa leave you a naughty toy or two, and a sexy playmate to enjoy it with. I wish you all a safe holiday.

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