Friday, January 6, 2012

Nurse Fetish Anyone?

I know, long time no see, eh? I swear the reason is excellent. I'm working on finishing my 1-800-DOM-help novella I call Leather Becomes Her. I am planning on getting that in to my EC editor in a week or so. Yes, my writing has slowed up from a while back. I can't crank out a novella in 2 weeks anymore. Life has a tendency to break into writing time. Even my set aside writing days end up being interrupted for errands. And I am unsure how my writing will go now that I have decided to get back into nursing. I have been looking at jobs nearby my home and in neighboring Tallahassee. Only thing is, I need a Florida license to get a job in Tallahassee. So...I had to jump through a dozen hoops for that. I got word yesterday that everything is A-Okay and I just need a background check. Cool. Hopefully I will have my Florida license within the month, and a job by the end of February.

With my going back to nursing, I have been thinking of the medical side of kink. Or in other words, medical fetishes. You know, medical fantasies involving "exams" and "treatments". Now, I will tell you all right now, I have NO desire to subject myself to a Dom giving me a gyno exam. Honestly, I'm not submissive enough (I'm 5% submissive, 95% Dominant). However, I'd consider performing prostate massage. (What? Ahem...I plead the fifth.)

When I think medical fetish, I think roleplay, specifically nurse/patient roleplay. I've actually looked at the sexy nurse uniforms, considering what kind of scenarios I could come up with. Looking deeper into this fetish, there is a lot more to it than I ever thought like enemas. I'm interested in anal play like many kinksters, but as a nurse who gave enemas because a doctor ordered it, I fail to see the attraction of doing it to my submissive partner. The point of the enema, in my view, is probably to make the sub (or patient) vulnerable. I can think of other ways to do restraining him (in my world, my patient is a hot male) to a bed for trying to escape my ward. And then maybe do some anal probing or an urethral sounding while he is good and restrained. (*cough* Again, I plead the fifth.)

Looks like I found inspiration for my next 1-800-DOM-help story....


  1. Speaking as someone who just got out of the hospital for a short stay, I am so not in the mood for medical play. But give me time. I'll work my way back to seeing the restraint/sounding idea as very hot. Inspriation is a wonderful thing. Keep writing.

  2. Urethral sounding? Explain! LOL Congrats on finding the job, although I know it has to suck it's going to cut into the writing!