Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Live and in living color

Okay, so I'm at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in LopsAngeles, and along with handing out promo, signing books, and all the other things that go along with an event of that kind, three other authors and myself took advantage of the opportunity to visit a local bondage club. Whether we chose to participate or not, it's always good to kick start your brain with some new experiences. Right? After all, there's only so much you can conjure up in your mind sitting alone in front of your computer.
For me, although I've written about BDSM for some time and have contacts who are wonderful about sharing information with me, this was my first actual visit to a club.
It didn't disappoint.
The hostess knew we were authors on a research trip and she took great care to give us a tour of the premises so we knew exactly what to expect and where to find it.
The club has performance areas both indoors and out but that night was a little too chilly for outdoor activities. Although the fire for people to warm themselves at was very enticing.
Inside people were already engaged in activities and I curled myself into a large leather armchair to take in the scene.
There was almost too much to watch.
Against one wall a man was being spanked against a St. Andrews Cross. On the other side of the room a woman was punishing and arousing her female submissive. In the center of the room a woman stretched out on a leather platform while an other woman expertly wielded switches of different lengths and materials. Watching her hands was like watching someone in a choreographed ballet, so expertly did she wield them and in such intricate patterns. She knew exactly how and where to apply them to elicit the maximum amount of pleasure.
I was also drawn to the couple next to me, especially when they were joined by another man and proceeded to indulge in their own activities while watching others.
I was struck by a lot of things - the respect all of the players had for each other, the familiarity with which they greeted each other as you would at any other type of social club. But most of all the delicious cookies in the kitchen. The hostess told us she baked them herself!
I don't know about my companions, but I left the club with my brain busily cataloguing everything I've seen and already thinking of stories to weave the scenes into.
So even if you just write about BDSM and don't actually practice it yourself, I urge you to get out and immerse yourself in the scene. What you learn will enrich your stories and help you better communicate to your readers what the lifestyle is all about.


  1. Yay. SO wish I could've gone to RT, but maybe next year. We should plan an excursion like this during RomantiCon...

  2. Good for you, Desiree. It was so kind for the club to open its doors for your group. Sorry I couldn't be there.

    Del--I'm not sure about opportunities in the Romanticon area, but this would be fun.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful research trip. I'd love to tour a club like that. It sounds like all the deliciously wonderful things we authors like to write about.

  4. I'm glad that the club was welcoming to yall. You might be surprised what Ohio holds...I love this blog and the books that go with it.

  5. What a great adventure. Wish I'd been there. Haven't written BDSM yet, but my editor has suggested it. Way to go, Desiree.

  6. Damn, if I had known this was an option, I'd have signed up for RT! Do you think you could set one up for Akron in September?

  7. Wow - I would have loved to join you. I am very interested in the clubs and researching the bondage scene but no such thing in my neck of the woods. Very smart and brave of you.