Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Research takes me to the oddest places. Not necessarily fun places like Desiree visited at RT in Los Angeles, but equally important. To be honest, sometimes I have to go back to Google to find out what the heck I was looking for in the first place. Tonight's winning combo? BDSM kink.

What I found was a more thorough discussion of safety during kinky sex than anything I'd seen before. I mean, I know about the basics in cleaning toys between uses or between partners, but how about in between locations on your own body during a solo act?

Are you cleaning your leather toys properly? Do you know the signs of blood loss or pending panic attacks? If you prefer to play in the privacy of your home, you need to plan for the worst in any scene.

This fantastic list I found is through ACT, the AIDS Committee of Toronto. You can read the list online, or print out the brochure at the bottom of the page. And while you're there, you might take a moment to click on the donate link on the upper right.

Have fun, but play safely!

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