Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dungeon First-Aid

People break legs simply by stepping off a sidewalk the wrong way, while riding a bicycle, skating or jogging. Accidents also occur even when playing safe in a dungeon. Here are a few tips, not a complete list, of basic first aid in the dungeon.
Burns: Burns can occur when dripping candling wax on your partner or not watching how close the flame is to the skin. Reddened skin is a first-degree burn. Immerse the area in cool/cold water or apply an ice pack, wet tea-bags, aloe vera gel to ease the pain. Commercial burn ointment is also good. Do not use petroleum jelly or butter.

If a blister forms, it’s a second degree burn. Initial treatment is cold/cool water too, then cover with a sterile gauze pad. Check with a doctor if it becomes infected (fluid in blister becomes cloudy) and leave blister alone. A third-degree burn is very serious. The area may blister then look charred or whitish in color. And the surface may be warm and dry. It may not even be painful because the nerves have been damaged. Cover with a sterile gauze and seek medical attention right away.

Head Injuries: When people are tied up, they are at risk of losing their balance, falling and hitting their heads. On TV we see people losing consciousness from a head injury all the time and they get up and go about their lives like it’s not a big deal. In reality, any head injury that causes unconsciousness is cause to a trip to the hospital emergency room. The injury could be life threatening.

Misplaced Toys: Oops! Did you lose something inside? If it’s in the vagina and doesn’t have sharp edges, no worries. There’s no place for it to go. It’ll soon work its way out, or add a little lubrication to help it along. If it’s in the rectum, that’s another story. Don’t try using an enema, or a foreign object to reach in to grab it. Lubricate the anus and go sit on the toilet for a while. Wait, don’t force it. It that doesn’t work or if there’s pain, go to an emergency room. I used to work in an emergency room. Hospital staff have seen this sort of thing many times. (A few items I remember: dildos are most common, but also a flashlight –light was still on, and several toy army men). Next time, choose a toy larger that won’t slide all the way in.

Overheating: Mummification, bondage, hoods, leather & latex clothing can sometimes cause heat-related injuries. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Consuming plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic) will help prevent some overheating. But partners should be aware of this hazard during play. Heat exhaustion can cause nausea, fainting, dizziness, excessive sweating and weakness. Weakened pulse, pale, clammy skin can be a sign of shock. In this case, keep the person lying down with head lower than feet and give small amounts of cool water or Gatorade-like product. Person should be coherent enough to lift his head to drink too. With heat stroke, the person’s body temperature rises above 104 degrees, convulsions or unconsciousness can occur. Cool him immediately and seek medical attention. Call 911.

Play safe in the dungeon.


  1. Makes me tired thinking of all the safety precautions, but it's much better to be aware at the beginning and plan. The idea is to have fun and also be a grown-up. (Well, as long as we're not talking about age play -- smile.)

  2. Hi Michelle, Common sense goes a long way. Then let the fun begin. Pass on the age play. Lol