Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Were a Man

An author friend of mine has always said that she and I both skew male. What she means by this is that we have certain traditional male characteristics such as being aggressive and are more likely to give each other a fist bump than a hug. It definitely comes out in our writing. We both love strong female characters who kick ass. I wish had grown to be much taller than I am and would love to be stronger physically than I am. And yes, sometimes I have penis envy.

Let's face it, men have an easier time when it comes to sex. I know that as a woman, I have the capacity for more orgasms and more complex ones. But sometimes being able to get it up and get it off fast is enviable. I'm also the type of woman, as I have already admitted, who likes to be in charge. There is nothing more authoritative in sex than being the one to penetrate. Pegging (thank you, Dan Savage) with a bullet gives an approximation, but not quite the same thing (I'm imagining here). If I could magically be both female and male at the same time during sex, I'd go for it.

There's a movie from the seventies with Faye Dunaway called "Oklahoma Crude" in which she says she wished she had a penis so she could fuck herself. I'm not saying that exactly. I don't want to fuck myself but I would love to fuck a guy who wants to be fucked by other guys. I love gay men, I love the idea of gay men. I was so happy to find out that many other women love them, too. When I write BDSM erotica involving two men, I'm totally turned-on by what I'm making my characters do. I kind of put myself into the scene as one of the characters (the dominate one, naturally) just the same way I do when I write about a woman character.

Maybe the fantasy is better than reality would ever be. I bet in the future, people will be able to switch gender back and forth at will, but I'm sure I'll be dead by then. Too bad. I'll just have to live through my characters.

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  1. Really, Sam, you shouldn't be so shy about your thoughts (grin). I don't think I've spent the time you have imagining I was or wishing I could be a man. I agree there are benefits, but I'm comfortable with my female power even if it is sometimes misunderstood. And my mind would never fit into a male pattern. But maybe I'd try a penis on for five minutes. That's long enough huh?