Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Excerpt from Mari

I am late in posting but I was out all day...at a water park. I got a little burned. I am unsure why, I put on SPF 50 BananaBoat. The cheap Walmart brand never failed like this. It's quite sad really.

Not sure what to post today (late) other than a short excerpt of my 1-800-DOM-help novella. Enjoy!

“You are such a bad girl, Jasmine. You best beg Mistress to forgive you for your latest discretion,” The Domme said as the girl began to kiss her booted toes. “I can't believe you kept what you were doing from me, your Mistress, your owner. You disrespected me and you deserve to be punished.”
“I'm so sorry Mistress Kim. I didn't mean to disrespect you. I wasn't thinking. Please Mistress.”
Mistress Kim stood over her slave groveling before her. She stood firm a moment, her hands upon her hips in a very powerful position. None would question her control, her command.
Daphne smiled taking note of the woman's stance. Watching will definitely help her onto the path of becoming a Domme. She definitely liked the control, the power over another. She could see slave Keith shaking in his bonds, waiting for her command to find his release as she pumped his cock with her hand. Oh hell yeah, that sounded delicious.
She turned her gaze to her temporary slave. He watched the Domme in the other room order her slave to stand against the St. Andrews Cross, her ass presented to her Mistress. He inhaled sharply when the Domme ran her gloved hand over her slaves backside then smacked her on the buttock with a low chuckle.
“This excite you, boy?” Daphne asked as she continued to stroke his hair.
“Yes Mistress,” he said without hesitation if not a bit breathless.
“And what about this excites you?”
He gulped then answered, “I wish that was me tied to the cross...and you smacking my ass.”
A surge of heated desire flowed through her. Her clit pulsed and wetness drenched her pussy at his answer. God, she wanted to tie him up and whip his shoulders and smack his ass, then release him just to toss him down onto the bed and ride his young hard cock until she climaxed several times. Instead she smiled and tightened her fingers in his hair and tilted his head upward. “I want to do that and more to you, boy. How does that make you feel?”
His gray eyes were hot with excitement and interest. “It...it makes me feel like surrendering to you, Mistress.”
She stared at him a moment then lowered her face to his and kissed him.
Within her mind, she already took possession, and against his lips she whispered her promise, “Tonight you're mine, slutboy. All mine.”

Copyright © 2011 Marianne LaCroix.