Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Praises to my Critique Partner

Me & Paris at RT 2010
And now for something completely different....

I can't let this day pass without bowing down in praise to my critique partner, Paris Brandon. She has a new EC release, Cross My Heart, coming out on December 17 - check it out. I have to tell you, this tiny little lady packs a hell of a wallup and she writes good too.

 So when I finished Controlling Interest, my story for the 1-800-DOM-help series it was almost 5000 words too long. My friends, that's a LOT of words. I went to Paris and screamed...HELP! She answered as only a true friend and excellent crit partner can. She told me to calm down and put my butt in the chair cause we could do this. Thank you friend! I needed that. Then she read through the story and took out her red pencil (actually her highlight to red ink thing - we were working on the computer after all). Then she helped me find characters I could take out or minimize. Unnecessary words. Entire scenes I could remove.

Last night I finished going through her edits and got the length right. Today I sent it off to my editor along with my revised synopsis. I could NEVER have managed this without your help, Paris. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Writers, if you don't have a tough little Italian woman to kick your ass, I pity you. And I encourage you to FIND ONE! They are worth their weight in gold. Hell, their worth MY weight in gold (since she's kinda tiny).  Love ya lady!

So, please... If you want to praise your crit partner in the comments today, please do. They deserve it. They also deserve chocolate. LOTS of chocolate. Grin...


  1. Amen! A good critique partner is worth a heck of a lot of salt. I think they used salt as a valuable trading commodity some long ago time. But I would like to sing praises for three wonderful women. Dalton Diaz, Samantha Wayland and Samantha Cayto. They helped me get Fettered Love out the door to my editor not so long ago. And get Bound Odyssey and Magician's Chains out as well. Love you ladies. Big kiss.

  2. Well, I don't have a tiny Italian woman to kick my butt, but I do have a best friend who knows how to kick me just right. Of course, she's also my writing partner. Take a bow, Cai Smith!

  3. Well done, Paris & Francis!

    I'd like to give a shout out to my two critique partners Ann Cory & Gwen Campbell! You two ladies are awesome and thanks for all your hard work in helping me out with my stories!


  4. Well, mine isn't Italian but she rocks. And you are so very right. Yay, Cai!

  5. Yaaaay to all the friends who help us get our writing out to our editors, allow us to brainstorm, and hold our hands when we wanna kill something cause our story won't work. We are all very lucky ladies!

  6. A critique partner is as valuable as a computer! LOL! I love you, Debra Glass! She is awesome. She not only helps me to knock out the best book I can but she encourages me and gives me a kick in the tush when needed. She's wonderful!!

  7. This is the time of year to be extra thankful to our crit partners. We all learn from each other. And crit partners can help keep up sane during times like this.

  8. Thank you, my friend for your kind words but it goes both ways! I'm so glad I don't have to go it alone:-)