Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Toys: The Birth of Erotic Flogging

I never would have imagined it, but erotic flogging has been documented in the sixth century, B.C., thanks to this painting in the Tomba della Fustigazione in Tarquinia, Italy. Those Etruscans new how to party, didn't they? While time as ruined the "good parts" of the painting, the official description says the woman, in the center, is bent over holding the hips of one man, whose hand is raised to spank her, while a younger man is behind her with one hand on her ass and a switch or cane raised for action.

It reminds me of those days when we were young and first discovering sex. We were certain our parents didn't know about oral sex, much less any rough play like spanking. One description of the Tomba della Fustigazione mentions other paintings depicting musicians, drinking and dancing. And then we have this menage a trois. The mind begins to wander...

The next time you and your partner pick up a flogger or cane, pause for a moment and thank Dionysus/Bacchus for giving us wine and song and some good old BDSM.


  1. Oooh, I never thought about the glorious history behind toys and BDSM. It's very heartening to see how venerable and historically planted the art is in fact. Great post Ari.