Monday, November 1, 2010

Submissive Males are Hot!

Hi all,

I am on a mission to convince women that there is nothing hotter than a gorgeous alpha male going down on his knees and submitting to his woman. I know, I know, you want the strong man, the protective man, the man that other men respect. You can have that. Outside, he's going to be all of that for you and himself. But at home, he bends to your will, not just devoted to you, but trusts you to take charge. You're doing him a favor, really. All day long, he has to be the one to make the hard decisions and be responsible for other people. You take that obligation away from him for a little while. He can relax, let go. And frankly it helps if he's into a little pain, too.

Yeah, I'm one of those women that gets off on hearing a guy cry out in pain. What can I say, it's my sexual orientation to be a Domme. My fantasy man has always been a submissive alpha male who likes to ease his stress with a bit of pain now and again. I used to think I was some weird woman and there couldn't possibly be such a man as that. It's sounds like a total oxymoron. I know better now. There are a lot of guys out there with very stressful and important jobs who are desperate for discipline. A couple of years ago, I was meeting with some law colleagues (yep, I'm a lawyer) and this one woman I didn't know very well was lamenting how her brother had taken up with a Domme. When she happened to mention his name, I realized it was this brilliant, commanding lawyer I had worked with when I was junior associate. This guy was highly respected by everyone, especially other men with whom he regularly wiped the floor. The last I had heard, he'd been dating this nice, quiet woman who always did things his way. It seemed like the perfect fit for him, but no, he wanted a commanding woman. See, they are out there!

I want (and I am writing) more stories that show how erotic femdom can be. So, what do you all think? Can you wrap your mind around submissive alpha males?

Samantha Cayto


  1. I think stories featuring a submissive alpha male are very sexy. Don't women love to read about the hidden vulnerability of their heroes that only the heroine can mine? Well this is just the logical and ultimate extension. Keep on giving us more FemDom Samantha and I will be more than pleased.

  2. I can see the allure in an alpha male who only submits to one woman because that is her pleasure. Nice post, Samantha.

  3. I love FemDomme/male sub stories because they're seriously hot. You make some great points about guys who are all "take charge" in their careers needing some downtime when they don't have to be in control. And if they like some pain with their submission, that's good too. I'm looking forward to your contribution to the collection - it'll steam up my glasses. :-)

  4. I just finished a story with this theme. Your post makes me feel better about it. I was hoping I wasn't the only one thinking this! LOL I hope it goes over well with the publishers! *keeping my fingers crossed*