Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Discovering My Inner Domme

As I work on my own story for the 1-800-DOM-help series, I've been reading a lot of BDSM stories, including the ones from the authors here, of course! I find I need to adjust my reading to suit what I write, otherwise I have modern-day heroes speaking Regency English. My editor has to point out, "I can't see him saying this".

As a rule, when I buy a story I look for male Doms. I tell myself it's because I''m a strong woman and I read for escape. I want to read about heroes who are more of a man than I am, LOL! (This is the premise for my heroine, too.)

Then I picked up Desriee Holt's Delight Me, which is due out on the 26th of this month. I barely got started reading about her sub heroine who realizes she's a Domme at heart, when I realized I loved what the heroine was feeling. "Hey, I could get into that," I thought.

And as I read, it became, "Yeah, I like that." I won't get into what I really loved, as that becomes TMI, but if you've always preferred your heroines submissive, you might find yourself switching as her heroine did. I guess reading the lifestyle can be much like living it. You never knew which side of the whip you belong on until you try them both!


  1. But...but the other side of the whip just looks like so much WORK. And THINKING. *lazy whine*

  2. Hard work is good for you! Character building. They may be less straightforward, but there are rewards to the Domme business. Getting my toes polished for instance (grin).