Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Whips: Motivated by My New Cover!

Finally, here is the cover for my 1-800-DOM-help release, Fettered Love. I'm partial to it although I'm not a lover of latex myself. I'm the leather type. Fettered Love is due for release on Friday, January 28th. Just around the corner. Here's the book blurb for your reading enjoyment:

Kirk, Master to his long-time lover Evan, decides it's time to place his permanent collar around Evan's sexy cock. But when he proposes he faces a surprise. Evan wants a child. So where will they find a kinky woman to help?

A mysterious card with the 1-800-DOM-help number advertises assistance for unusual problems in the BDSM community. When Evan calls he recognizes the voice of the Mistress from their past. Sarah--Kirk's best friend from childhood--Evan's Mistress of several years in college. They loved her and suffered betrayal when she walked out of their lives.

Now she proposes to be the mother of their child. No strings, just a chance to have the men she respected and loved back in her life. Evan embraces the idea while Kirk rages with mistrust.

At Evan's request they share one night of passion, Kirk and Sarah working together to dominate Evan in the scene of his erotic fantasies. But will it be enough to rekindle trust and make all their dreams come true?

So if you pick it up, please tell me what you think. It's the first contemporary I've written. Although I find real life, no matter how mundane, always contains just a lick of magic. *wink*

Safe, sane and consensual



  1. Sounds like a great premise Michelle and I love the cover. I'm really excited about all these books and adding them to my Nook as they come out.