Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zentai Fetish

No it's not Friday Fetish-It's Wednesday but this may come under the heading Weird Wednesday.
Is it an artistic expression, a sensory experience, exhibitionism, a desire for anonymity, or possibly a chance to walk naked in public without actually being naked? Zentai is a fetish you’ll see on city streets, in parks and shopping malls. Warning: If you have a tendency toward claustrophobia, this fetish might not be for you. Zentai comes from the Japanese term meaning “skin-tight garment”. Zentai is a skin-tight suit covering the entire body, I mean COMPLETELY—hands, feet, and the whole face and head.
These outfits look like something from a SciFi movie. If you’ve ever seen the Blue Man Group you’ll get the idea but they aren't true Zentai. Their faces are painted but not covered. I think the Blue Man guys have a Zentai fetish.

Zentai suits are usually made out of nylon/spandex but some use cotton and even wool. Fanning self here. Wool? Ick. Itchy and hot? Maybe for Zentai wearers during winter months.
Zentai wearers say the fabric sliding against the skin is very sensual. Some enjoy the D/s aspect as it causes a “submissive” feeling, while others claim the experience is strongly Dominant. Those in the D/s lifestyle may enjoy bondage while wearing Zentai—somewhat double bondage as I see it.

The artistic and visual effect may be the draw to some Zentai with all the various colors and patterns available. And off course the attention they get when doing a “walkabout” in public. Zentai wearers have to be a tad on the exhibitionist side. You think?
Zentai parties? I’ve read where these secret parties are becoming more popular. Hmmm. Scratching head here. Now what do they do at a Zentai party? Can’t eat. Can’t drink. Can’t recognize anyone. I guess I can use my imagination which can be bad at times. I’m visualizing a dozen Blue Man guys/women having a quasi-orgy where there’s no skin contact. Might be fun to watch.

As with anything, don't mock it unless you've tried it.



  1. Life is so amazingly diverse. I love this. I think I'd try out this one, even without a particularly strong exhibitionist streak. Thanks Kathy. Now for the imporant question. What color suit?

  2. Ack! I don't mock it but it's hard for me to even think about encasing my face like that, i'm super-claustrophic. HARD LIMIT! I find it interesting, the seeming crossover between zentai and furries (the zentai with ears and tails). I bet there's also a certain amount of zentai/puppy play crossover.

  3. I completely understand the sensuality which is what makes me wonder about guys and being out in public ... wouldn't the "results" be embarrassing (not to mention break a law or two)?

    And parties? Lots of touching but no satisfaction? That wouldn't be any fun.

  4. I thought this was cool too, Michelle. Yes, this does seem like a tame fetish. It would be fun to see people's reaction. Color, Hmmm. The one in the first photo??

    Del, yeah, I'd have to make sure I could breath well and zip out of it fast.