Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Whips: The Challenge of Two Dominants

I write menage. I write BDSM. Combining them both I have to make specific choices about dominance and submission among the threesome so they can find their happily ever after together and keep their functioning triangle happy. My first novel, Bound Odyssey, involved a dominant female, a male switch (submissive to her), and a male submissive (sub to both my Domme and the male switch). Those dynamics solved the problem of what to do with two dominant characters involved in a poly triad. My lucky sub got both a Mistress and a Master. My Mistress got two subs and the switch got to, well, switch. Neither of the dominants had to express their love of one another from an equal position of power.

But the idea of two full dominants inside a working relationship of three fascinates me. How do they survive? How do they share? How do they express their love for one another? My recent release Fettered Love posed just that problem. Kirk, my dominant hero, had fallen in love with his best friend from childhood, Sarah, and dreamed of a life with her. Unfortunately, about the time he was discovering his identity as a Dom, she was discovering hers as a Domme. And it grated on him. They never could come to terms with their romantic love for one another. Fast forward ten plus years and the story action includes a male submissive, Evan. They both love him. And it turns out that they can cooperate fairly well to Top him. He's their missing link, so to speak.

Is this a realistic solution? There are a number of marriages in the kink community where both partners are Tops, love one another, and solve the problem by pursuing other submissives. I don't know how common it is that they share, but poly relationships come in all flavors. And even kinksters are allowed vanilla sex if they want it.

I came across a link to a hilarious YouTube video about the difficulties of two dominants cooperating. Again, the kink community has no problem laughing at itself, and the video below is a prime example. Enjoy. And let me know what you think about the reality of two dominants sharing a submissive. I think it might be both a submissive's heaven and hell. Talk about the need for coordination? Who has the ultimate word he must follow? Oy! I'm glad I don't have this problem.

Safe, sane and consensual, R.A.C.K., what have you,



  1. Bwahahahaha ... I love that video. (Especially the outtake at the end.)

    I can't imagine how you'd handle two Doms in a triad. Guess it's time to go buy the book. (Love your other books, Michelle.)

  2. Bwahahahhahahahaha. The YouTube cracked me up.

  3. I lol'd hardest at the outtake at the end. "Ow...this really hurts..."

  4. Thanks Arwen and Del. I agree the YouTube video was hilarious. And I also loved the outtake.

  5. OMG - that was freaking hilarious. Thanks for sharing Michelle!